Thursday, July 26, 2018

Infra Red Racing SRAD GSXR nose conversion and upgrade kits

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From custom made GSXR SRAD nose kits to Aftermarket parts we sell it all.

Antigravity Battery YTZ10-12 on sale.  Lithium are lightweight and have more cranking power than stock batteries. These come with 3 -year warranty. More cranking power than you ever need to help turn over that engine. If your engine drags when starting it, then you might want to replace your battery. Forget lead and gel go lithium.

Bridgestone Battlax  Motorcycle Tires on sale. If you commute on a sport bike to work and keep getting square rear tires, then go to a sport touring tires for the rear and watch it last longer. ( longer) The sport touring still good on the corners and wet streets. 

We sell must popular brands just tell us what you’re looking for..

Two Brothers mufflers on sale
Still one of my favorites because of the nice deep sound don’t let your motorcycle sound like a lawnmower engine. I would get the  carbon fiber covering doesn’t get hot and burn hands and ankles.

HJC Marvel helmets on sale if you like Marvel. 

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